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4 Models Available - Excavators from 2 to 6 tons -  $960 to $2452 usd.

Do More With One Machine!

 Scoop - Dump - Spread

Carry  Tools 

...and much more!

Saves Time & Money!

BLADEBUDDY™ is a revolutionary compact excavator accessory which drastically increases the functionality of your excavator by enabling it to manage more material.

BLADEBUDDY™ quickly mounts to the excavator blade and requires NO Auxiliary Hydraulics!

Maximise the ability of your excavator! 


Model BT-60 

Compatible with blades from 39" to 78" wide.
​Do more with one machine on the jobsite!
Review our videos and products page and find out why BLADEBUDDY™ is,
The Must Have Excavator Accessory™!
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